40+ Days of Prayer for the World

Why THIS Prayer Journey for Lent?

A few years ago, we did a Sunday School class in biblical justice, where we discussed all of the ways in which injustice is happening all over the world every day. We felt heartbroken and passionate about wanting to help fight injustice, but overwhelmed with just how much need there is in the world. We committed to not only help in ways that we could at the time, but to continue to pray every year during Lent for these issues, asking God each year to open our eyes and hearts and hands to new ways we could help fight injustice in the world around us. Please join us on this prayer journey. Ask God to open your heart to people in need and how He is calling you to help!

The guide starts with an introduction and for that first half-week of Lent, a brief overview of what the Bible says about wealth and giving. Then, through the six full weeks of Lent, the guide goes through what we consider to be the six basic needs of every human being:

Introduction: Biblical Justice 
Week 1: March 1-4: Wealth & Giving
Week 2: March 5-11: Water
Week 3: March 12-18: Food
Week 4: March 19-25: Shelter
Week 5: March 26-April 1: Health
Week 6: April 2-8: Freedom
Week 7: April 9-16: Love

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