REST: Living in Sabbath Simplicity

This class is fairly unusual in that we are not only meeting together as a class on Sunday mornings to study and discuss Sabbath Rest, we are also practicing Sabbath Rest on our own throughout the semester. To that end, I (Kathy) plan to blog about our family's Sabbath journey each week of the semester here, and may include stories from Gail's family and other families in our class as they will allow. I am hoping that we can learn both from Scripture and each other's experiences. Therefore, the list below is separated into two parts:

1. notes from each week's CLASS
2. reflections on each week's SABBATH EXPERIENCE

Week 1: Sabbath in the Old Testament
Week 2: Sabbath in the Old Testament
Week 3: What Jesus Said about Sabbath
Week 4: What Jesus Said about Sabbath
Week 5: Chapter 2: Resting
Week 6: Chapter 2: Resting
Week 7: Chapter 3: Reconnecting
Week 8: Chapter 3: Reconnecting
Week 9: Chapter 4: Revising
Week 10: Chapter 4: Revising
Week 11: Chapter 5: Pausing
Week 12: Chapter 6: Playing
Week 13: Chapter 6: Playing
Week 14: Chapter 7: Praying

Week 1: Starting Small
Week 2: It's Hard to Rest When You're Tired
Week 3: Sabbath with Other People
Week 4: A Taste of What Sabbath is Like for A Pastor
Week 5: Physical Rest
Week 6: A Celebration of Life!
Week 7: Work, but Fun Work
Week 8: Reconnecting with Family
Week 9: Reconnecting with Family (again)
Week 10:
Week 11:
Week 12:

Relevant Magazine just published an article about taking the Sabbath seriously this week. How timely!!

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