PRAYER activity: Spheres of Influence

At our Wednesday night inter-generational study, we had been talking about our spheres of influence - people we meet, places we go, people we know... places where we may have an opportunity to impact people for Jesus. One week, we decided to spend time praying for each of these spheres of influence, so we created a prayer station for each one and people moved through each of the stations at their own pace, praying as they felt led:

each station is described below, some with pictures: 

gifts & passions: 
One of the biggest ways we have influence over people and the world around us is through our gifts and passions. We can make a difference in the church, our community, our city, and our world through the unique gifts and calling God has for us. What are YOUR gifts and passions? Take an individual reflection sheet and spend some time praying on your own.
- What are you good at? What resources do you have to share?
- What are you passionate about?
- How can you use the things you listed to serve others and to reach the world for Christ? BE SPECIFIC!
- PRAY for God to give you opportunities to use your gifts and passions to shine His light to the world! 

the world:
Thinking about how we can influence the whole world can be intimidating. Take some time to look through these newspapers for things that are going on in the world right now and pray for those situations and people. Prayer itself is an influence, but also ask God if there any other ways you can help! 

places I go:
Everywhere we go we have a chance to be an influence - to be a light for Christ in a dark world. On the butcher paper mural on the wall, draw pictures of all of the places you go regularly. Then spend some time praying for those places and asking God for opportunities for you to be a light for him there. 

social media:
There are as many ways to influence people on social media as you have friends on Facebook. We’ll try one way tonight. If you have a smartphone, take a picture of this cross and post to FB, instagram, twitter - whatever you use - something like this, “Prayer Night at Church! Let me know how I can pray for you. PM me if it’s a private request.” Then actually pray for whoever responds - even if it’s long past this hour.

Another way we can have a huge influence on the people and the world around us is through our money. We can spend it all on ourselves or give it away to the church or ministries or friends who need it. Take a handful of pennies and throw them one at a time into the “fountain,” but instead of wishing on each one, pray on each one, committing to God ways that you want to use your money to share His light with the world.

(the fountain was a large plastic container with water
in it and we literally threw the pennies into it)

friends and family:
Sometimes the people we have the most influence on - our friends and family - are the hardest ones to share the light of Christ with. Take an index card and write a friend or family members’ name on it, along with a description of what they need prayer for. Pray for them, then put the card in the box and take another one out. Pray for the other person on the card you drew all week.

One of the most profound ways we can influence the world around us for Christ is in how we treat our “enemies.” The biggest difference between regular human love that everyone naturally has for their friends and family and GOD-like love is that God even loves His enemies. It is only with God’s love that we can love our enemies. Take one of these individual reflection sheets to help you pray for your enemies.
- Think through people in your life who are difficult to love or are mean or even abusive to you or others. Write their names here.
- What do you think that person is struggling with? Put yourself in their shoes. What do they need prayer for?
- The Bible says before we can offer up any other prayers or worship to God, we must be reconciled with our enemies. Pray for reconciliation between you and that person.
- Ask God for ways you can show that person love.
- Write their name on an index card and take it up to the communion table. Put the card in the offering plate to offer this person and your relationship with them up to God.
- PRAY for God to give you opportunities to use your gifts and passions to shine His light to the world!
- Now, write your enemies' names on an index card, take it up to the communion table, and lay it in the offering plate.


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