LEGO Church

This was an idea that some of our K-5th grade boys came up with one night during our inter-generational Wednesday Night study. They were challenged to split into groups to talk about BEing the body of Christ - each group was given a different WAY to express the body, either through music, words, art, or action. The boys, not surprisingly, chose action! The challenge was how to express what it means to be the body of Christ through ACTION. They came up with such a cool idea that we did it during worship a couple of months later, on a week when Robert was preaching about what it meant to be the body of Christ. What the boys did that week, under the brave leadership of one awesome Mom, Susan Slade, was...

When people came into church for worship, they have everyone present write their name on a LEGO:

They then gathered all the LEGOs and during the service, created a masterpiece to represent what it meant to them to be the body of Christ (we kept checking on them throughout the service via video feed): 

The end result was a church literally built out of people, of interlocking blocks. As the old song goes, "I am the church, you are the church, we are the church together..." 

With JESUS as the cornerstone:

It was a great visual for the whole congregation and an experience these boys will never forget. 

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