Birthday Party for Jesus: Names & Symbols of Christ

On the Sunday before Christmas, we combined all ages of Sunday School classes for an inter-generational event, a birthday party for Jesus! 

We started with a fill-in-the-blank Bible study sheet on the names of Jesus, which people completed in pairs (matching up kids with adults): 

Once all of the names for Jesus were filled in on the handout, we wrote each name on a popsicle stick: 

and glued the sticks together, added a hook at the top, and they became ornaments for the tree! 

Then, through the decorations on our birthday cake and cupcakes, we learned about different symbols which represent Christ that are used in Chrismons (special sacred Christmas ornaments): 

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and let the youngest kid there blow out the candles: 

Then we wrote down what we would like to give to Jesus for His birthday (something we could do for others - Matthew 25:31-46), and put those as our gifts under the tree. 

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